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The Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock

The Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock. I suspect that this could be the single most irritating alarm clock that you will ever, ever, own – or rather straight away smash into tiny tiny pieces. $19.98.

Throw out that mamby-pamby clock radio, and replace it with this Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock. After a bugler plays “Reveille,” your personalized drill sergeant clears the cobwebs from your brain with an impressive round of orders you cannot fail to obey. LCD display offers you with time, alarm time, and date. Alarm with snooze button sounds with bugle, drill sergeant, or AM/FM radio (when you are off duty, obviously), and even a special button (runs through the whole drill routine) that motivates you when pressed.

There’s even a button to get motivation anytime day or night. Clock uses 3 “AA” batteries, not included. 6″W x 10″H.

Where to Find Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock

(800) 843-0762  custservjs@jsls.com


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