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Indoor Rabbit Cage

Folding Rabbit Cage

Let’s all admit it, some pets can be real messy. We love them, but most people don’t like to clean after them. But unlike other pets, rabbits are not as messy. They are actually very good to care for as they can be litter trained.

Size of the Cage Is Important

Although rabbits are very nice to look at strolling around the house, you would still want them to have their own cage. Indoor rabbit cages are not really expensive, and it would help discipline your pet. One of the couple of things that you would like to consider when purchasing an indoor rabbit cage is the size. Rabbits may be very tiny as a baby, but they can really get BIG. How big they get would depend on their breed, so you would need to do a little homework here. You would also want to consider the size of the door to the cage. It should be big enough for your rabbit to easily pass through, and you can add a little ramp as it may be difficult for tiny rabbit to jump off the cage.

The cage’s size should be tall enough for your rabbit to sit upright, even as an adult. Rabbits like to move around, so you would also want their cage to be wide enough. Most indoor rabbit cages in the market are relatively small even for a medium-sized rabbit, so you should buy the biggest size just to be safe.

Consider Making Your Own

Indoor Rabbit CageIf purchasing an indoor rabbit cage is too expensive for you, then you might want to build one. You can Google the step-by-step procedure for making a cage. It’s not really difficult to make one, as long as you have the right materials. You just need to remember that cages should be at least four to five inches from the floor, so you will have enough space to insert a tray underneath for the rabbit’s droppings. This is actually just a precaution since you’ll need to put a soft pad or even newspaper on the cage, anyway. Rabbit’s feet can get hurt if you’re using a screen for the cage floor, that’s why people prefer putting a pad.


Some of the essential things you will need to put inside the cage are food, water, and a litter box. Putting a litter box in and out of the cage will greatly help your pet and help keep your area clean. Always remember to clean your pet’s cage regularly. Clean it at least every day if you have the time. Be sure to remove all the droppings, and to change or wash the pad regularly. Changing the water often will help ensure that you’ll have a happy and healthy rabbit.

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