Umbra Wallflutter Wall Décor, Set of 20, Brushed Nickel

Umbra Wallflutter Wall Decor

Brighten up a dark-colored wall with this lovely dragonfly wall art set from Umbra. The set includes twenty individual dragonflies, affording the flexibility to arrange them to personal preference, whether in one hovering mass or fluttering in small groups or alone along a hallway’s wall. Designed by Marian Lanktree and Alan Wisniewski, the dragonflies feature […]

Underwater Seascrapers of the Future: Underwater Skyscrapers and Floating Cities

Water-Scraper +h02 scraper

In the course of history, through his desire for civilization, man has built structures that consume resources. The skyscraper is definitely the perfect example of this insatiable consumption, its highly dense grouping of activities such as work, play, rest… has become an ominous harbingers of our own ecologically bleak future. As a solution to the […]

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Berrykin Doll Christmas Holiday Style

The term ‘vintage’ Strawberry Shortcake dolls has some particular significance, even though the franchise was only launched in the late 1970′s or 1980′s, depending on just what you consider ‘the franchise’ to be.  Although Strawberry Shortcake herself (and her friends and all their pets) are the epitome of sweetness and light, they are rather like […]

The Success of Jaguar – The History of the British Cat-Car

Jaguar XK120 diecast

Although I am a faithful Mercedes collector, I have always wanted a Jaguar. The older models from the 60s and 70s are beautiful cars and occasionally I find one in restorable condition. This year I hope to actually buy one. The history of Jaguar is quite interesting. The beginnings of this British carmaker go back […]

Bob the Builder Construction Themed Birthday Party

Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder is so popular that finding supplies for your party is not going to be difficult. There are many online party stores selling invites, balloons, costumes, decorations and the like that you can snap up, so you’ll just need to find the themed birthday cake locally. Starting with the invites, you can either […]

Warm Water Fish Ponds

japanese garden tropical fish

Ponds are always associated with keeping koi and goldfish – or are they? If you were to ask the majority of aquarium hobbyists what their idea of an ornamental pond is, you would most likely hear them talk of a water garden stocked with coldwater fish species such as koi or goldfish. This response is […]

Indoor Rabbit Cage

Folding Rabbit Cage

Let’s all admit it, some pets can be real messy. We love them, but most people don’t like to clean after them. But unlike other pets, rabbits are not as messy. They are actually very good to care for as they can be litter trained. Size of the Cage Is Important Although rabbits are very […]

Top 10 ’80s Action Movies

1980s action movies

The ’80s is my personal favorite decade, probably because I was just old enough to notice it but too young to enjoy it, so I miss it. Here are my favorite action movies from the era, but in the interest of avoiding overlap from other lists, I have eliminated all the children’s movies (since Goonies […]

The Face on Mars

mars face

What is that looking back up at us? Mars is prominently in the news. Pictures beamed back by Pathfinder are everywhere. Rocks with names like “Barnacle Bill” and “Yogi” are becoming celebrities. Corroboration of theories about vast amounts of water having been on Mars in the distant past and the fossil microbes found in the […]

Sacajawea (Sakakawea) – Lewis and Clark Expedition

Sacajawea Sakakawea

Sacajawea was born sometime between 1784 and 1787, in the Lemhi Valley, which is present-day Idaho. Her father was a Shoshone Chief. Her name meant “Boat Pusher” in Shoshone. When Sacajawea was about ten years old, she was kidnapped by Blackfeet and taken to what is present day Bismark, North Dakota. The Blackfeet changed her […]

Michael Kors Women’s Packable Down Jacket

Michael Kors Women's Packable Down Jacket

MICHAEL Michael Kors’ hooded puffer makes an ideal choice when you’re packing for a winter vacation. This lightweight (yet incredibly warm) coat comes with an accompanying travel bag! Nylon; lining: nylon; fill: down/feather; hood filler; polyester Machine washable Imported Attached hood Zip-front closure Long sleeves Zip pockets at hips Quilted puffer styling; elastic waistband at […]

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